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4-Wheeling Trips :

Kids on the Rocks (June 2009)
Signal Peak (August 2007)
Rubicon (June 2007)
Rubicon (August 2006)
Fordyce Creek (August 2005)
Barret Lake (August 2003)
Dusy-Ershim Trail (September 1996)

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A little about '4-Wheelin'

When off-highway driving, 4-wheelers still drive on roads, but we look on public lands, for the worst roads we can find. We love a challenge, and that challenge is to 'build' a rig (ie - modify a stock 4x4) that will overcome seemingly impossible obstacles in very bad roads. Mountain climbers have the same attitude.

'Off-road' is a misnomer that, thankfully, is gradually going out of favor in the sport. It implies actually driving 'off' the road and among the trees. This is not the case. Responsible 4-wheelers stay on the road, and go by the hiker's motto : 'Pack it in ... pack it out '. The proper term is 'off-highway'. There is a world-wide non-profit organization called Tread Lightly that exists solely to encourage and support environmentally and socially responsible 4-wheeling. They have a set of rules to follow and provide educational materials to promote the image of the sport.

4 wheelers have many different makes and styles of 4x4's to choose from, not just Jeeps. There is no right or wrong choice, just whatever suits the 4-wheeling style of the hobbyist. My vehicle of choice is a 1984 Toyota 4Runner . It is NOT a competition vehicle, with every modification known, but rather modestly built, but its an almost unstoppable 4x4, and still a comfortable and affordable everyday driver. It needs to take my wife and I down highway 395 each February to Death Valley in reliable comfort, as well as tackle the un-maintained back-roads in the mountains around the valley.