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1984 Toyota 4Runner SR5

'Built for the Rubicon'

Toyota 4Runner Background :

Toyota introduced the 4Runner in 1984 . The 84 thru 89 models are 2-door only and feature a roll-bar under a removable fiberglass top. With the top on, it can be used in winter for skiing and snow runs, providing weather-tight warmth and comfort. With the top off, it provides an open 'jeep'-style of wheeling in the summer that a pickup or hard-top cannot match, as well as the ability to carry 4 passengers in belted security and comfort. Only the 1984 model was carbureted. All 1985-on models were multi-point fuel-injected. There was a standard model, that did not have a rear seat, rear heater, or other options that the SR5 had.

Beginning in 1990, Toyota totally re-designed the 4Runner by replacing the removeable top with a hard-top. They also introduced a 4-door model along with a 2-door. Since the 4-door models were less expensive due to import restrictions, very few 2-doors were sold. Consequently, the 2-door models were dropped for 1991. These 2-door 1990-model hard-tops are likely the rarest of all 4runner models. Also, in 1983, some customized 4Runner-like Toyota pickups were built and sold as the Trekker.

Features of my SR5 (from the factory) :

  • 22R motor (carbureted)
  • 5-speed standard transmission
  • 103-inch wheel-base (same as SWB pickup)
  • 15-gallon gas tank (a 17 was optional)
  • air-conditioning
  • power windows
  • power steering/power brakes
  • full gauges
  • 4-way-adjustable front bucket seats
  • split rear seats and full carpeting
  • tilt steering wheel
  • altimeter/clinometer gauge set
  • rear passenger heater
  • rollbar
  • remove-able fiber-glass rear top (canopy)

The following modifications have been made to improve its off-highway abilities, toughness, reliability, and comfort :

  • 5-inch lift in back ( 1992 rears + custom leaves + 2" blocks + shackle )
  • 5-inch lift in front ( 1980 rears + custom leaves + shackle)
  • 1-inch body lift ('4Crawler')
  • flipped J-arm ball ('Welder Bill')
  • adjustable front track bar (home-made)
  • RS 9000 adjustable shocks
  • 15x8 inch steel chrome rims , custom 3" back set
  • 33x12.50x15 BFGoodrich Mud/Terrain tires
  • 32x11.50x15 Dunlop Radial Rovers (the 'street' set)
  • Lug nuts and wheel locks ( McGard )
  • 4.88 gears in differentials
  • Detroit Locker in rear differential (set up by RCD)
  • ARB air locker in front differential (set up by RCD)
  • home-built compressed-air supply for ARB
  • Marlin Crawler Transfer case #67, 4.70:1 low range
  • Dual shifters for transfer case
  • upgraded rear drum brakes (from 1987 4Runner)
  • upgraded brake booster (dual-diaphram type from 1998 Tacoma)
  • Front tubular bumper ( Smittybilt )
  • front-bumper-mounted 100-watt off-road driving lights
  • mid-frame-mounted 40-watt 'rock-lights'
  • custom rear receiver bumper (by Marc Seiple in Rancho Cordova )
  • re-built and upgraded G54 HD transmission (Marlin Crawler)
  • Re-enforced gas tank skid plate (Mark Seiple)
  • right front u-bolt skid plate (Mark Seiple)
  • 2.5-inch diameter welded-on nerf bars (R&B Fabrication in Rancho Cordova)
  • low-profile transfer case cross-member and skid plate (Bud-Built)
  • Hard bikini top ( home-made from old canopy )
  • Hi-lift jack mounted to roll-bar
  • CB radio (Uniden)
  • CB antenna mounted to rear-bumper
  • On-board air (home-made using stock A/C pump, 3-gallon tank, etc)
  • Differential vent tubing for deep-water fording (home made)
  • Dynomax muffler
  • 2.25-inch cat-back exhaust custom re-routed
  • Alarm system
  • Drivers side grab-handle
  • Upgraded horn (installed a horn from VW Jetta, and a relay )
Otherwise , it is bone stock ;-)